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Where Passion Meets Profit

Where Passion Meets Profit

Cosmetics, Make-up Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

All of our department store wholesale merchandise can be shipped by pallet, container, or truckload!

Brand Name Cosmetics

Brand Names. All new overstock merchandises. lipsticks, lip liners, lip gloss, lip treatment, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliners, nail color, top base coats, nail treatment, blush. foundation, powder, concealers, implements, makeup removers, cleansers and toners, eye care, anti-aging, moisturizers, and more.

L'Oreal Cosmetics

All new overstock. Huge selection that may contain a mixture of age perfect, blush, cashmere perfect, eye makeup, lip liner, eyeliner, lip glosses, foundations, mascara, liner brushes, liner, pencils, manicure sets, nail polish, true match, voluminous, wear infinite, and more.

Maybelline Cosmetics

All new Overstock. Contains a mix of lipsticks, concealers, foundation, lip liners, eye liners, mascara, eye shadow, blush, bronzers, lip gloss, nail polish, and much more.

Walmart Cosmetics

Huge selection of medical and over the counter medical supplies such as band-aids, back braces, hot/cold compressors, canes, heating pads, braces, brand name cosmetics such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, cover girl, Essie, Almay and much.