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General Merchandise Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

All of our department store wholesale merchandise can be shipped by pallet, container, or truckload!

Amazon Premium Mystery Boxes - Pallets

All new shelf pulls and overstock merchandise. Big variety of premium multimedia items and general merchandise such as Small baby items, Small electronics, small appliances, toys, home decor, and small miscellaneous products.

Bradshaw Housewares Cookware (Non-Electric) - Pallets Florida

All New Items. Huge mixture of items may contain gadgets, kitchen utensils, food storage containers, school supplies, plastic ware, pots, pans, Pyrex, silverware, and so much more!!!

Lami Housewares HBA Gadgets Products All Shelf Pulls - 53' Container

A pristine selection packed in a 53' HQ Container. The mix can feature items like hair accessories (scrunchies, combs, brushes), health & beauty products, kitchen gadgets, home decor, toys, food containers, school supplies, and plastic ware.