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Target Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

All of our department store wholesale merchandise can be shipped by pallet, container, or truckload!

Target Accessories and Underwear - New and Overstock Merchandise

Available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload Dive into fashion-forward collections with this exclusive load. Spanning 40 to 52 pallets, expect a dynamic mix of handbags, exquisite jewelry, essential underwear, and more. Every pallet promises quality and variety.

Target All New Brand Name Toys

Unlock a world of fun with a 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload stocked with brand-new toys, all in their original boxes. Delight in an array of action toys, handheld games, dolls, remote-controlled wonders, Legos, and beyond.

Target Assorted Clothing

Introducing a 40' HQ Container exclusively filled with brand-new men's, women's, and children's apparel. Discover an extensive collection spanning shirts, pants, jackets, tops, denim, and more. Secure this unbeatable deal now.

Target Baby Products Load

Care for the little ones with a 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload, exclusively filled with new overstock and returned baby products. From high chairs, strollers to car seats, it's a haven for baby essentials.

Target Easter Items

Prepare for Easter festivities with a 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload carrying 40 gaylords. Unearth an array of baskets, decorations, crafts, and more, making it the ideal Easter collection. F.O.B. Mississippi.

Target Hardline, Housewares, and General Merchandise

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Unveil an exclusive 40' HQ Container or 53' truckload filled with a curated selection of items ranging from lawn & garden, electronics, kitchenware, baby essentials, furniture, and much more.

Target Home Furniture

Help your customers decorate their space with refined furnishings from Target. Our 53' trailers or 40' HQ containers are packed with a variety of top-quality pieces.

Target MOS General Merchandise - Container or Truckload

40' HQ Container From sporting goods to must-have kitchen items, every 7' tall pallet within the 26-pallet truckload or 20-pallet container is teeming with value.

Target Mixed Clothing - Container or Truckload

Dive into the latest Men's, Women's, and Children's fashion assortments. Discover shirts, jackets, denim, and more. Available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload.

Target Outdoor Patio Furniture

Dive into a curated selection of high-quality outdoor furniture, available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload. From stylish tables to luxurious lounges, get the best deals right from Indiana.

Target Undergarments Overstock merchandise

Experience the comfort and style of Target's overstocked undergarments. From sensual bras to cozy baby clothes and versatile leggings, this load spans across essential undergarment categories. Coming in 40/52 pallets, based out of sunny Florida. General All New Case Goods

Discover the best from in a 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload. Featuring an eclectic mix of categories - from lawn & garden, electronics to pet products, and toys. Each shipment comprises 24 pallets, each standing around 6' tall.