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Attention!!! Attention!!! To all our friends from Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama and other countries.

To all people who own stores, outlets, discount stores, and are wholesalers, brokers and resellers, TDW Closeouts is your best option.

What are the benefits of choosing to work with TDW Closeouts?

We walk you through the purchasing and nationalization process of your import.

Land Freight / Ocean Freight / Domestic Freight* (we have the best prices in the market since we have excellent alliances between the different shipping lines; given our high volume of clients and corporate accounts who handle a high volume of recurring purchases, we can offer the best rates you can find on the market.)

* Internal freight: transportation from the port to the fiscal warehouse or general warehouse.

At TDW we make life easy: We don't make sales, we build relationships with our clients. We as a company have experience in different countries, which gives us the structure to offer you the appropriate advice for your company or business. Our trajectory through the years in the market has taught us the importance and need to travel to different countries every year to carry out a study of the real market. That gives us the knowledge and confidence to guarantee correct advice to our clients in a personalized and concrete way, which results in the success and growth of your business.

We are your best option! Our mission is to help grow your business and to build your way to success!

Only at TDW Closeouts your trusted warehouse.

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