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Amazon Wholesale Liquidation in Florida

All of our Amazon liquidation merchandise can be shipped by pallet, container, or truckload! Learn more below!

TDW Warehouse offers the best of Amazon’s varied merchandise! Containers, pallets, or truckloads may contain customer returns and shelf-pull/overstock merchandise from Amazon wholesale liquidation. Please call for inventory availability.

Amazon Apparel Men's, Women's, and Children's Clothing - Pallets

All new overstock. A mixture of Men's Women's and Children's clothing. Load may contain a huge selection of shirts, pants, jackets, tops, denim, skirts and more. Each Pallet contain 1000 pieces.

Amazon Apparel Men's, Women's, and Children's Premium Clothing - Truckloads, Containers

Refresh your wardrobe with Amazon's premium clothing range. Featuring an expansive selection for men, women, and children. Grab the best deals directly from Florida, available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload

Amazon Assorted Footwear

Step into a world of footwear variety with this 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload. Dominated by shelf pulls and overstock, the assortment includes men's, women's, and children's footwear: from dress shoes, sandals, sporty kicks, to sturdy work boots.

Amazon Battery and Electrical Items

Dive into an array of top-tier electronics and battery-powered essentials. These loads encompass shelf pulls, overstocks, and occasional returns. Expect a dynamic mix featuring battery toys, cutting-edge electronics, stylish speakers, state-of-the-art headphones, and more. Each consignment is organized into 24 sizable pallets, each approximately 7' tall. Available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload.

Amazon HPC (Smalls) Loads

Revel in a premium selection of multimedia and diverse general merchandise. Spanning across electronics, games, stylish apparel, and enchanting home decor, each lot is a surprise. You'll receive 24 pallets, averaging around 400 exquisite pieces per pallet, available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload. An unmatched blend for upscale establishments.

Amazon Handloaded

Explore the perfect blend of returns, overstocks, and shelf pulls. This range could include anything from electronics, chic home decor, to sporting goods. Hand-loaded to ensure a varied and high-quality selection. The ideal blend for a well-rounded inventory. Available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload.

Amazon Premium Mystery Boxes

Dive into a treasure trove of pristine shelf pulls and overstock. Unravel a broad spectrum of premium multimedia and general items, encompassing everything from trendy electronics and baby essentials to chic home decor. Each truckload boasts 24 pallets, approximately 480 boxes, available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload.

Amazon Premium Mystery Boxes - Pallets

All new shelf pulls and overstock merchandise. Big variety of premium multimedia items and general merchandise such as Small baby items, Small electronics, small appliances, toys, home decor, and small miscellaneous products. Medium

Elevate your offerings with a curated mix from Amazon. Featuring an array of products - from home and kitchen essentials, electronics, garden tools, to baby items and toys. Secure a bountiful truckload of approximately 24 pallets, available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload. Ready for dispatch from sunny Florida.