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Amazon Liquidation Warehouse Locations

Blog post by TDW Closeouts on 13-Nov-2023 at 12:22 pm Eastern Time

How often do you buy things from Amazon? If you do it at least occasionally, you know that Amazon offers some great deals. However, imagine if you could get such a great deal that even buying a full truckload of goods would pay off. That’s possible with Amazon liquidation warehouses!

Amazon liquidation warehouses are perfect for those who want to buy large quantities of Amazon goods for a fraction of the usual price. If that idea sounds intriguing, you should read this article! Here, we will tell you all about Amazon Liquidation Warehouse Locations and why you should visit them. Stay tuned to learn more!

Amazon Liquidation Warehouses 101: What You Need to Know

In the retail industry, liquidation is the process in which companies sell their inventory for significantly reduced prices. They mostly do it to get rid of the excess or old stock or clear the inventory for new products.

Some companies, such as Amazon, also sell customer returns this way. It is easier and more cost-effective to sell these returns rather than go through the whole process of bringing them back to regular sales. These returned goods are still perfectly functional, so there is no reason to throw them away.

The items that can end up in the Amazon liquidation warehouse are rather diverse. They range from makeup and clothing items to electronics and tools. Usually, these items are categorized, with items of the same category being grouped together.

For example, all shoes and clothes are grouped together; all makeup and cosmetic products are grouped together; all home decor products are grouped together, and so on. Then, these batches of grouped items are wrapped in foil and placed on pallets or truckloads.

This means that, in most cases, one liquidation truckload or pallet contains products from the same product category. These truckloads and pallets are usually stored in liquidation warehouses.

The company then puts these truckloads and pallets on sale. The buyers are usually liquidation brokers, small businesses, drop shippers, exporters, small retail stores, second-hand stores, and individual resellers.

Who Benefits from Amazon Liquidation Warehouse Sales?

The whole process is beneficial for everyone involved. The company, in this case, Amazon, profits by getting rid of unsold excess stock or customer returns that would otherwise just take place on the shelves and collect dust. Even at highly discounted prices, Amazon still makes a profit by selling those items.

Then, there are people who are buying the liquidated goods. Most of them are resellers, and they buy pallets and truckloads full of products cheaply. Then, they resell these products individually for a higher price.

The final buyer will also benefit when buying from these resellers. Even though resellers sell products for higher prices than they bought them, their prices are still significantly lower than Amazon’s prices.

Everyone Profits From the Liquidation Process

For example, Amazon sells a certain product for $100 per unit. In the next season, this product will become outdated and replaced with a newer model. However, there are still 20 units of this product on the shelves. Amazon needs to get rid of them, and throwing them away also means throwing the money away.

So, Amazon decided to pack these remaining units on one liquidation pallet and sell it for $300. $300 is still much better than throwing away the products and making no money. Furthermore, when a reseller bought the pallet, they practically bought each product unit for only $15 instead of $100. For them, that was a great deal.

Then, the reseller unpacks the pallet and sells each product unit for $45. They earned $30 on each item, which is $600 earnings for the whole pallet. On the other side, the final buyer bought the product for $45 instead of paying the regular price of $100, saving $55.

Of course, this is just a random and simplified example of how these things work, but it proves that liquidation sales can be great for everyone involved. Additionally, these liquidation sales are also environmentally friendly because they encourage the reuse of certain products instead of throwing them into the nearest landfill.

Where to Find Amazon Liquidation Warehouses?

If the idea of buying and reselling Amazon liquidation pallets and truckloads sounds appealing to you, you probably wonder where to start. Where can you find the warehouses that sell liquidated Amazon products?

Physical Locations

If you want to buy liquidated Amazon goods in person, you are in luck because there are no physical stores that sell them. However, keep in mind that these stores aren’t Amazon stores. They are actually storefronts for liquidation brokers that buy directly from Amazon.

Even though these stores are resellers just like you, they still offer great deals, and you should check them out. Since they don’t have Amazon in their names, it can be tricky to identify them.

However, you can simply Google “Amazon liquidation warehouse” or similar phrases, and you will get a list of such stores in your proximity, as well as their location marked on Google Maps.

If you already know some stores that sell liquidated products, you can ask them whether they sell Amazon’s liquidated goods. If they can’t or, for some reason, won’t give you the answer, there are ways you can recognize Amazon’s products.

First of all, look for labels and stickers. If the products have white stickers with bar codes, take a closer look at those codes. Do they start with “LPN”? If the answer is yes, then these products are definitely Amazon’s liquidated stock.

LPN stands for Licence Plate Number, and while it sounds more like something car-related, it is actually Amazon’s unique identifier code. This code is used to track inventory stocks throughout different Amazon warehouses.

Apart from this bar code, watch out for brand labels. If any of the brands contain “Amazon” in its name, it is obviously Amazon’s product. However, there are also other Amazon brands whose names don’t necessarily reflect that. Some of these brands are:

  • 206 Collective
  • Bdcoco
  • Coastal Blue
  • Pinzon
  • Obsidian
  • Wag
  • Mint Lilac
  • Hem & Seam

There are many other Amazon brands out there, and you can find their list here. These brands are clear indicators that a certain liquidation pallet or truckload comes, in fact, from Amazon, even if it isn’t stated anywhere else.

Online Websites

If you prefer to shop online, then you probably want to find liquidated products without having to go to the physical store. Instead, you can visit Amazon and enroll in its liquidation program.

However, for some people, the whole process is a bit too complicated because this requires you to sign up and, in most cases, basically bid on auction-like sales. Additionally, there is a limit of one lot per order. The delivery usually takes up to 14 days, but Amazon admits that it can’t guarantee that the purchased stock will be delivered within that timeframe.

On the other hand, there are websites that make the whole process simpler for individual sellers. The companies behind these websites buy their stock directly from Amazon, sort the products, and offer them at great prices, with fast delivery times and better overall buying conditions.

One such company is TDW Warehouse. This company specializes in reselling liquidated and returned products from many retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Target. TDW Warehouse offers fast and reliable delivery not only to the whole USA but to the whole world.

This company guarantees the quality of products and affordable prices, which is crucial for individual sellers. The ordering process is rather simple and straightforward: you just need to visit the TDW Warehouse website, choose a product category, and request more info.

The TDW team will soon get in touch with you to inform you of the latest deals and help you make your purchase.

The Benefits of Buying Amazon Liquidation Stock Through TDW Warehouse

You probably wonder why you should choose TDW Warehouse and if there are any other benefits of buying Amazon liquidation stock this way. Apart from the fact that TDW Warehouse sells large quantities of high-quality goods at low prices, it also makes the whole process much easier for you.

TDW Warehouse will also make the delivery easier for you. Not only will this company gladly deliver your purchased goods, but it will also deal with freight and customs clearance. Additionally, TDW Warehouse offers door-to-door services, as well as door-to-port services.

At any moment, TDW Warehouse has a variety of 500 pallets in stock. This means there is something for everyone, no matter which product category you look for. If you decide to visit one of their warehouses to inspect the products from up close, that’s also possible. You just need to send your request.

Finally, it is worth noting that TDW Warehouse sells its merchandise in pallets, containers, and truckloads. Pallets are a great choice if you don’t need many products, while containers and truckloads are perfect for resellers who want to have a large inventory.

Things to Consider When Buying Liquidated Amazon Stock

No matter where you buy liquidated Amazon stock from, there are some things you need to consider in order to ensure a smooth and smart purchase.

  • Buy from reputable resellers only
  • Ask for information about the source of the liquidated stock
  • Ask about the condition of the liquidated goods
  • If there is a manifest or product list, make sure to read it before making the purchase
  • Make sure that no brands on the list haven’t restricted reselling of their goods
  • Think about delivery and start to plan the logistics
  • Check if there are any additional fees and make sure that your budget covers all of the expenses
  • Before even starting to look at the liquidated stock, research the market and your potential customers. Will you be able to resell the products that you purchase?
  • Do you have enough storage space for the purchased goods?


Does Amazon Have a Liquidation Site?

Yes, Amazon has a web page where you can get more info on liquidation deals. There is also a FAQ section that answers some of the most common questions regarding Amazon liquidation sales.

Where Does Amazon Sell Liquidation Pallets?

Usually, Amazon sells its liquidation pallets to various liquidation brokers and similar companies.

How Much Is a Liquidation Pallet From Amazon?

That depends on several factors: the type of products on the pallet, their condition, and their quantity. In general, the prices range between $100 and $5000 per pallet, but that is just an estimate.

Is Amazon Liquidation Worth It?

Yes, buying Amazon liquidation stock is worth it as long as you can resell it at a price high enough to cover your costs and make you a profit.

How Profitable Is Liquidation?

That depends on whether the reseller is able to sell all liquidated products that they purchased. It also depends on the reselling price, the type of products, their condition, whether the reseller has an established buyer network, etc. Some resellers make little profits and give up eventually, while others find a way to become extremely profitable, and they usually expand their business over time.


On average, Amazon makes $1.4 billion in sales every day. That means millions of products get sold each day on Amazon. However, some products remain unsold, or they get returned by customers. As a result, they create inventory overflow, taking up the useful inventory space for other products.

For that reason, Amazon has liquidation sales, during which it sells the excess inventory and returned items. Various companies and individuals buy these liquidated products and then resell them for a profit.

If you are an aspiring reseller or a small business owner, you probably wonder where to buy Amazon liquidated products. You want to find the nearest Amazon Liquidation Warehouse Locations. While you can probably find such stores all around you, you can also visit the TDW Warehouse website and make your purchase online.

With TDW Warehouse, you can rest assured knowing that you will buy pallets and truckloads full of only the best liquidated Amazon products. You will buy them at an affordable price and resell them in no time. Visit TDW Warehouse today and watch your profits grow!

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