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Are Amazon Return Pallets Real?

Blog post by TDW Closeouts on 13-Nov-2023 at 11:53 pm Eastern Time

If you go on youtube and search “Amazon Return Pallets”, you’ll find plenty of different videos accumulating thousands of views with the creators unboxing the contents within their own Amazon return pallet that they purchased.

Sometimes within those videos, they manage to find plenty of different products that are surprisingly valuable or in near-new condition, ranging from electronics and gadgets to clothing and home goods.

If you’ve searched the internet for these Amazon return pallets (for yourself), you may have realized that there is a sketchy side when it comes to this market. This leads to the question, “are amazon return pallets even real?”.

Are Amazon Return Pallets The Real Deal?

So, with all the sketchiness going on when it comes to amazon return pallets and other liquidation pallets in general, you may be wondering if they really exist. The answer is a resounding yes.

**Amazon return pallets consist of items that have been returned to Amazon for various reasons. These items can range from electronics, household goods, clothing, to a wide array of other products. The condition of these items can vary significantly; some may be new, others might be used, and some could be damaged or non-functional. **

You may be wondering why Amazon sells these items to liquidation companies. Well, it could be expensive to go through all the items to make sure they are good and list them back on the Amazon marketplace. This leaves liquidation as being the very best option to rescue some value from these returns. By selling in bulk to liquidation companies, Amazon can efficiently offload a large volume of returned goods without the labor-intensive process of inspecting, repackaging, and relisting each individual item.

However, when it comes to purchasing them, you need to be aware of all the scams that are out there and take these precautions to be sure you buy them the right way.

Make Sure You Purchase From a Liquidation Business With a Location

One of the biggest ways to see if a business selling liquidation pallets are legit, is to see if they have an actual physical location that you could visit. Their website should show an actual location and possibly have some pictures of products within their warehouse.

Don’t Purchase Amazon Return Pallet Boxes On Online Marketplaces

If you see an Amazon return pallet listed on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other online marketplaces, don’t even think about it. Here are the reasons why. First off, the chances of them being a verified seller is very slim. Next up is quality assurance. When you use a reputable company that has a good reputation you know you have a much better chance of getting a higher quality pallet. When you buy through a marketplace online, there’s a good chance that the person selling has already picked out some of the highest quality items and may be looking to sell off the rest. You may even end up with all damaged products and nothing to resell. Lastly, how do you know these people got these pallets in a legal manner. If you deal with a business you at least know they most likely got them through an actual partnership with Amazon.

Make Sure The Business Is Registered With The Better Business Bureau

When a business is registered with the better business bureau, it shows that business is dedicated to being held accountable, is transparent, committed to high standards, and more. If the company you’re looking to buy from isn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau, it might be a red flag. While not all legitimate businesses are registered with the BBB, registration can be a sign of a company’s commitment to ethical practices and customer service.

Check To See If The Company You Buy From Cherry Picks Or Not

Above when discussing online marketplaces, we mentioned the possibility of people picking out the high quality products and leaving you with the damaged, or overall unsellable products. This is called cherry picking. When looking for a reputable place to buy Amazon liquidation pallets, you want to make sure that everything that is bought from the department stores, or in this case from Amazon isn’t touched before being sold to you. The company you decide to buy from should have a disclaimer about this on their site, but if they don’t, you could ask them.

Who Are Amazon Return Pallets For

You may be wondering who exactly Amazon return pallets could be for. The simple answer is anyone really.


I used youtube videos as an example within the intro paragraph. Many individuals or couples go ahead and buy Amazon return pallets and make money off of them in two ways. The first way is by flipping the merchandise, and selling all the items to make a return. The second way is content. Many of these YouTube channels make adsense revenue by filming the process and teaching other people how to do it.

Small Business Owners and Resellers

Small business owners and resellers can also benefit greatly from Amazon return pallets. These pallets can provide a diverse range of products at a significantly lower cost than buying new inventory. They could be especially good for retail businesses who don’t necessarily need to fully restock, but want to supplement their existing inventory with a variety of items. By adding products from Amazon return pallets, these businesses can offer their customers a wider selection without a large investment.

DIY Enthusiasts and Upcyclers

For people who are good at repairing things, or making them better, Amazon return pallets could be a gold mine. These people could find items to repair, refurbish, or repurpose, either for personal use or to sell.

Flea Markets and Thrift Store Owners

Flea markets are the perfect place to sell a variety of items due to the fact that they attract a diverse range of people who are looking for unique, affordable, and sometimes eclectic items. Flea market shoppers often come with the mindset of discovering hidden treasures, making it an ideal venue for selling products from Amazon return pallets.

People Who Are Just Looking For Bargains

Sometimes people just buy Amazon resale pallets to keep some of the stuff they get. The items are a fraction of the retail price which makes it fun to order them just to see what you could get.

Regardless of the reason you want to purchase Amazon return pallets, you need to do it the right way. So where exactly should you go?

Get Your Amazon Return Pallets From TDW Closeouts

Here at TDW closeouts, we have been in the business of liquidation sales before Amazon even started (in 1991). We have plenty of experience and 100’s of partnerships (which includes Amazon of course).

There are a couple of things that make us the very best place to buy your Amazon return pallets from.


We make sure to get the high quality items. We do this by only buying from reputable sources and conducting thorough inspections of the pallets we acquire. Our team carefully evaluates each pallet to ensure that the items meet our standards for quality. On top of that, we never cherry pick. Meaning, the same way the Amazon return pallet is sent to us, it will be sent to you the same exact way.

Room For a High Profit Margin

We make sure we price the pallets perfectly, this way when you resell you definitely get a return on the investment.

Variety Of Products

If you want to sell a variety of products, we have you covered. Our inventory includes a wide range of categories, ensuring that you can find pallets that suit your specific needs and market demands. From electronics, fashion, and home goods to toys, tools, and beauty products, our selection is diverse.

Register With Us Now

If you want to try your hand with buying Amazon return pallets, it’s very easy to sign up with us. All you have to do is go here, and enter in all your basic information. Once you’re accepted on our end, we will send you lists of pallets you could buy.

**Keep in mind, we don’t only have Amazon return pallets. We have a variation of sized including truckloads and containers. We also have stuff from Target, Walmart, Home Depot and more. **


How Much Do Amazon Return Pallets Typically Cost?

Depending on the type of return pallet, they could go anywhere from $250-$900. Boxes filled with electronic gadgets could be on the higher end of the spectrum due to the potential high value of the items, while pallets containing a mix of general merchandise like clothing, household items, or less expensive goods might be priced lower.

How Can I Estimate the Resale Value of Items in a Return Pallet?

You have to take all the items out and make sure they aren’t defective in any way. One thing you could do, is scan the items on the Amazon app. A good place to start for each item you plan to sell is 50% of the current retail price of the item. You could start slightly higher if you’d like.

Is Buying Amazon Return Pallets Environmentally Friendly?

Buying Amazon return pallets is infact environmentally friendly due to the fact that they reduce waste. If return pallets didn’t exist, a lot of the stuff would get thrown away.

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