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Where Passion Meets Profit

Where Passion Meets Profit

Walmart Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

All of our department store wholesale merchandise can be shipped by pallet, container, or truckload!

Walmart Assorted Brand Name Bicycles

Pedal into adventure with bicycles for all ages. Stock up on overstock and returned bikes.

Walmart Baby Products

  All merchandise is new overstock and returns merchandise and a huge variety of baby products. High Value loads. May contain an assortment of high chair, car seats, strollers, car seats, and much more. Full Container or truckload. Available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload.

Walmart Brand Name Bicycles

Elevate your cycling experience with Walmart's curated collection of bicycles. Whether it's for children, juniors, or adults, find the perfect fit across sizes such as 14inches, 20inches, and 26inches.

Walmart Christmas Items

Christmas Items. Pallets may contain a mixture of Gift Wrap Paper, Christmas Bells, Christmas Balls, Gift Warp, Cards, Seasonal Items, Christmas Reef, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Trees Holder, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Plush Toys, Gift Bags, Outside Inflatable Decorations, Christmas Garlands, Figurines and more. Available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload.

Walmart Easter Items

Each load contains 52 gaylords with a mixture of Easter craft supplies, Easter baskets, buckets & pails, Easter basket stuffers, candy, Easter decorations, Easter plush, Easter crafts, Easter eggs, bunnies, Easter arts, gift packaging, gift wrap, tissues, wreaths-flowers, artificial trees and much more.

Walmart Furniture Loads

Acquire pristine collections possibly featuring elegant home furniture, sophisticated work centers, and luxurious leather chairs. Exceptional value at mere pennies on the dollar.

Walmart General Merchandise Loads

Explore a diversified range in a . Dive into tools, toys, patio items, and more. by container or truckload. Also by pallets which may contain a mixture of new, overstock and returns of tools, housewares, domestics, toys, gifts, sporting goods, lawn and garden, patio items and more

Walmart Halloween Items

Each load contains 52 gaylords a mixture of Halloween merchandise such as, decorations, party supplies, candy and snacks, costume accessories, craft supplies, floral, Halloween costumes, masks, wreaths-flowers, artificial trees, and much more.

Walmart Mixed Clothing Accessories

Refresh wardrobes with a vast selection of clothing mixed clothing

Walmart Mixed Men's, Women's & Children's Shoes, Athletic Footwear, Sneakers, and Work Boots

From athletic footwear to work boots, step into variety: Huge selection of Men's, Women's, and Children's Footwear. pallets may contain customer returns and overstock merchandise. Loads may contain a mixture of athletic footwear, dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals work boots, and more.

Walmart OTC PCAP Non-Ingestible Items Medical & Cosmetics

Boost health and beauty collections and dive into medical supplies and renowned cosmetic brands.

Walmart.Com General Merchandise Loads

Curate an expansive inventory with a 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload. Spanning electronics, toys, garden items, and more. Experience unparalleled deals.