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Where Passion Meets Profit

Where Passion Meets Profit

Kohl's Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

All of our department store wholesale merchandise can be shipped by pallet, container, or truckload!

Kohl's Dept Store Brand Name Bedding Linens

Huge selection of high-end brand names. Mixture of customer returns and shelf-pulls/overstock merchandise. Loads may contain a mixture of sheets, towels, comforters, bathroom accessories, and linens.

Kohl's Dept Store Housewares Kitchen Electronics Small Appliances Luggage K.D. Furniture

Huge selection of kitchen electronics and small appliances such as, coffee makers, toasters, espresso machines, mixers, slow cookers, irons, blenders, and more.

Kohl's Dept Store Mixed General Merchandise Loads

Available in 40' HQ Container or 53' Truckload Embark on a shopping spree with Kohl's Dept Store's assorted merchandise. Delve into a world of advanced kitchen items, state-of-the-art electronics, chic clothing, and more. Ready to ship from various prime locations.