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TDW Warehouse offers the best in delivery efficiency, variety of stores and product categories, as well as the best quality of goods! our wholesale liquidation warehouse offers a vast array of top-quality products at unbeatable prices. Not only do we provide exceptional deals, but we also assist our valued customers with shipping and customs clearance, ensuring a seamless buying experience from start to finish.


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Container Wholesale Merchandise

Lami Housewares-Gadgets Products All Shelf Pulls

40’ HQ Container The cleanest and nicest mixture that may contain hair goodies such as scrunches, combs, brushes, Health and beauty aids, gadgets, kitchen utensils, home décor, toys, food containers, school supplies, plastic ware and so much more!!! All in boxes for easier transportation and handle. Approx. 90,000 Pieces per Load!!! Sold by 40’ HC Container. F.O.B. Pennsylvania.

Bradshaw Housewares/Cookware (Non-Electric)

40’ HQ Container All New Items. Huge mixture of items may contain gadgets, kitchen utensils, food storage containers, school supplies, plastic ware, pots, pans, Pyrex, silverware, and so much more!!! Each container. F.O.B. Michigan.

Bradshaw Cleaning Supplies (No Liquid)

40’ HQ Container All New Items. spin cycle mop, Mr. clean micro reach duster, Mr. clean deluxe angle broom, Casabella everywhere duster refill, butterfly mop, floor duster sweeper with spinning sweeper action, upright sweep set with cover, disposable gloves, bath brush – toilet brush with stand, swing sider solo, soap dispenser and brush cup with a swiper sponge holder, everywhere reach duster, and much more. F.O.B. Michigan.

Miles & Kimball General Merchandise and Housewares Merchandise

40’ HQ Container Overstock and returns merchandise. Huge Selection of Items may contain items such as: Home Décor, Table Covers & Tablecloths, Bake Ware, Cookware, Stove Accessories, Dinnerware & Linens, Drink Ware, Flatware, Appliance Covers, Chair & Stool Cushions, Kitchen Towels & Aprons, Kitchen Utensils & Holders, Measuring, Mixing & Prep, Choppers, Graters & Slicers and much more. Full Container F.O.B. Michigan.

Kohl’s Department Stores Mixed General Merchandise Loads

40’ HQ Container Huge selection of General merchandise . Loads may contain a verity of  kitchen Items, electronics and small appliances, Bedding, Linens, Toys, Baby Items, Shoes, Clothing, Jewelry and much more. F.O.B. Many Locations. . On Sale Now!!!

CVS Drug Store Loads

40’ HQ Container May contain returns and overstock HBA, drug store items. Huge selection, food, cosmetics, general products of mixed brand name items such as, HBA, hair care, general merchandise, shampoo, over the counter products, and many other drug store items. Each load contains 40 pallets. Please call for a special price and merchandise availability. F.O.B. Florida.

Target MOS General Merchandise

40’ HQ Container 20 pallets 8’ tall for containers. may contain an assortment of lawn & garden, sporting goods, electronics, kitchen items, home products, tools, baby items, furniture, office supplies, housewares, toys, linens, and much more. 85% clean almost new merchandise. Each pallet is approx. 8’ Tall. F.O.B. Pennsylvania.

Target All New Brand Name Toys

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 40’ HQ Container All merchandise is new in original boxes. Huge variety of items you may get an assortment of action toys, hand held games figures, Dolls, remote control toys, talking toys, Lego’s, and much more. Call and order now. Don’t delay your order! First come first served. F.O.B. Pennsylvania. Reserve Your Container Now.

Target Accessories New and Overstock merchandise

40’ HQ Container Each load contains 40 pallets for a container. Loads may contain a variety of underwear, bras, socks, baby clothes, leggings, sport bras, shapewear, handbags, small purses, Jewelry, and much more. F.O.B. Florida, Mississippi and Texas.

Lowe’s Hardware Stores

40’ HQ Container May contain a mixture of tools, hand tools, portable power tools, air compressors, air tools, general merchandise, bench power tools, batteries chargers, pumps & pressure tanks, windows, plumbing, patio merchandise, miscellaneous items and much more. F.O.B Florida.

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